Privacy Policy

This site is to promote the owner's radio amateur packet radio activities. The site may make reference to other radio amateur's activities from data that is already in the public domain. With the exception of the International Gateway data. Data upon this site has had the author's prior consent.

Data about international ampr gateways reachable from the GB7IMK system is displayed purely for promotion of packet radio activity. Prior permission from any specific gateway sysop has not been sort, as the data provided is only that which was found in the public domain. If you, as a gateway sysop, don't wish to promote your activity within the hobby, then do please contact me.

Your information

The owner of this site operates a 24/7 packet radio Bulletin Board System via radio (RF) for the local radio amateur community.

Use of your information

Information that this site's owner (GB7IMK BBS Sysop and Ampr TCP/IP Regional Co-ordinator) collects, is not used for any pecunary gain, nor passed on to any third-party.

If you have given consent for your e-mail address to be displayed, rest assured that I take all possible precautions to protect it from Spam-bots. E-mail address will generally be displayed as a graphical image, to thrawt automated systems, such as Spam-bots. Be aware though, that if YOU enter your e-mail address for display on the forum, this will be unprotected.

Updating or removal of your details

Requests for amendment or removal of data should be sent to the contact details found here.

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