GB7IMK closed down 31st May 2009

3 May 2009

After a lot of thought, I have decided to close down GB7IMK on the
31st May 2009. Running since December 1997, I am down to only one RF user.
Whilst I have many users of the FBB BBS, WWC and DXC from around the UK and
the world, it is not radio. This and personal commitments just don't allow
me to continue.

I've met a great bunch of helpful people over the years. It has been
worthwhile. Special thanks to locally sysops G0BKN Ian @GB7BED,
G4APL Paul @GB7CIP and G6DZJ Steve @GB7ITG. To all the sysops I've met at
the Packet Conferences and the guys at the TVIPUG. Especially ZL3ROB Robin
(formerly G8ECJ) who tirelessly put together a great network project that saw
a TCP/IP RF network grow from Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire down to
the south coast. It was a fun experience. Also thanks to the sysops of the
wider AmprNet whoms knowledge gave GB7IMK greater wormhole connectivity which
kept local interest in packet radio going for longer.

It has all given me a great experience of hardware, operating systems,
protocols and some programming. Quite educational and I use a lot of that
knowledge gained in my everyday work.

I have the UKIP (United Kingdom Internet Protocol) group pages/database to find a home for, as well as the H
osts Reachable pages/database if anyone wants to take them on.
Anyone interested would need to support PHP and MySQL.

Thank you.


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